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Safe Quality Foods certification

By March 28, 2022March 29th, 2022No Comments

We are proud to announce that Logistics Park Cedar Rapids (LPCR) is a Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified facility with a rating of “Excellent”. This certification is recognized globally for food safety assurance in the manufacturing, transport, storage and distribution of food-grade products for human consumption and animal feed. The SQF certification requires a minimum passing score of 70 out of a possible 100 points. Excellent ratings are only awarded to facilities with scores above 96.

A third-party SQF certification firm spent two days in the warehouse auditing LPCR’s food safety management process.

SQF certification allows food safety and quality systems to be verified and validated throughout the food chain. It gives LPCR’s customers confidence knowing their food products will be quality inspected, secure and traceable.

Another benefit for Travero customers is our on-site SQF practitioners. These employees will make sure LPCR is always in SQF compliance. In contrast, many logistics companies must rely on third parties to monitor their facilities and practices.

To reserve space at our 259,000-square-foot public facility or consult with our experts on how rail-served, food-grade-certified warehousing can help your business grow email or call (319) 786-3656.